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Making Fitness Fun

Programs and Pricing


No cookie-cutter approaches!

I create unique programming individualized to your goals, preferences, schedule and life commitments. Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching can be combined in any number of ways to drive results. Here are three great ways to structure sessions: 

Transformation Package

10 Sessions


Ready to get on the path to looking and feeling your best? This one is for you! 10 Private Sessions are designed based on results from your initial assessment, and your personal goals. Aim for two sessions per week to get a solid base built in approximately five weeks. 

  • Complimentary Pre-Training Assessment

  • 8 Private Fitness Training Sessions

    • Workouts focus on strength, flexibility, mobility and agility training,

  • 2 Nutrition Coaching Sessions

    • Sessions include meal planning, healthy habit exercises, and food prep ideas.

  • Re-assessment midway to track progress.

  • Your 10 sessions may be restructured to include more/less workouts or nutrition coaching, based on your needs. 

Renewal Package

5 Sessions


The Renewal is for those who are ready to explore behavior change. You learn a few healthy eating, habits, and begin to add regular exercise to your routine. It's also great for those who just need to get back on track with fitness and nutrition. Your 5 Private Sessions are designed according to your personal goals and assessment. 

  • Complimentary Pre-Training Assessment

  • 4 Private Training Sessions 

    • Workouts focus on strength, flexibility, mobility, and agility training. 

  • 1 Nutrition Coaching  Session

    • includes meal plan suggestions, shopping lists, and infographics.

  • Your 5 sessions may be restructured to include more/less workouts or nutrition coaching based on your needs.

*The Triad Package - New Clients Only

3 Sessions


This program is perfect if you want to try us out, jumpstart a new routine or give a fabulous gift of health of to someone special! Three Private Sessions will be designed according to personal goals and initial assessment. *New Clients Only. May only be purchased one time. 

  • Pre-Training Complimentary Assessment

  • 1st  Session - Initial Total Body Training Session

  • 2nd  Session - Nutrition Coaching

  • 3rd  Session - Refinement of Personal Training Session based on findings from 1st session.

  • Professional Recommendation for next training phase

  • Sessions may also be used for workouts only.

Choose your pricing plan

  • The Transformation

    Lose Body Fat, Get Toned, and Build a Healthier Life
    Valid for 6 months
    • 20 Private Training Sessions
    • Meal Planning Assistance
    • Weekly Habit Coaching
    • Assessments every 2 weeks
    • 1 Pre-Training Comprehensive Assessment
    • All Sessions are 45 Minutes
  • The Renewal

    Great for starting your weight loss and fitness journey
    Valid for 6 months
    • 8 Personal Training Sessions
    • 4 Nutrition Coaching Sessions
    • Meal Planning Assistance
    • Reassessment at completion of program
    • 1 Pre-Training Comprehensive Assessment
  • The Triad

    A great way to sample our training and nutrition programs.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Two 45-Minute Personal Training Sessions
    • One 45-Minute Nutrition Coaching Session
    • One 45-Minute Complimentary Assessment
    • New Clients Only

More Training & Coaching Options

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