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Personal Training

A multitude of fitness modalities are available to get you in tip-top shape! We can mix in everything from working with dumbbells land body weight, to TRX Suspension Training and boxing. Trying a few different workout formats will keep your sessions fresh and keep you tracking towards your health and fitness goals. 

TRX Suspension Training
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Cardio & Strength Workouts

Each 50-minute session with be customized according to your initial assessment and goals. If doing cardio training on your own is challenging, I'll incorporate that into your programming. Most clients find our time together is best spent focusing on strengthening and toning exercises. However, throwing in a little HIIT, boxing, or other heart-pumping cardio into a workout is fun and revs up your metabolism. 

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Mobility & Flexibility Training

Adding mobility and flexibility training to your sessions can prepare your body to perform optimally during workouts. Ending sessions with flexibility and stretch training helps your body recover better between sessions, may reduce stress and may improve sleep.

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