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The What, The How, and the Why

I believe in helping my clients achieve their goals, maintain their results, and gain an understanding of "Deep Health." After all, what happens after you reach your goal weight, or run that marathon you've trained months for? Instead of training for the short-term goal or a quick fix, I coach for true transformation inside and out. We'll work together to identify behavior changes that will lead to your transformation and a realization of Deep Health. Don't worry - we'll go at your pace and make sure this works for your life! Every element can be tackled on its own, but the magic happens when it's all connected together. 

Healthy Fruits


Nutrition coaching is not just about food! We will look at how mental, social, environmental, and other life factors all influence behaviors and attitudes toward food. We will forego diets, detoxes and deprivation, and work together to create a plan that is delicious and nourishes your whole being.

We will...


Identify obstacles that have blocked your success.

Create a delicious eating plan that helps you stay on track.

Learn how to fuel to optimize workouts and daily energy.

Make outcome based decisions so you don't hit a plateau.

Woman Exercising Outdoors


Whether you are a seasoned athlete looking to improve sports performance, a lapsed gym-ophile wanting to get back on track, or an absolute beginner wanting to make fitness a regular part of your life, I can create a program to help you achieve your goals. We'll do a full movement assessment, address any injuries, and create a program that meets you where you are, and progresses with you as your fitness improves. Depending on your personal goals, we'll work together to...

Build upon strengths and identify opportunities for improvement.

Develop your ideal cardiovascular and muscular endurance level.

Tone your body to your personal aesthetic.

Create workouts that can be done with minimal equipment.

Incorporate a variety of modalities, including mobility and flexibility.

Regularly assess your progress to fine tune your program.

Meditation and candles


This phase is where the magic happens and finding the right balance is key. Technically the other categories play a role here (i.e., eating for muscle recovery, periodizing workouts to keep you progressing, etc.) but it's good to see them as individual elements that also comprise a greater whole. You will learn...


Stress management techniques to improve results

How to prioritize sleep and learn how to use it as a recovery tool

Self-care techniques such as rolling, stretching, etc.

Proper breathing for workouts and recovery periods.

How to vary workout modalities and intensities.

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