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Pilates Training

Pilates trains the entire body! It is fantastic to include as an element of your workouts, devote a few full sessions to the practice, or focus entirely on Pilates Training. You will learn how to active your inner and outer core muscles, improve posture, and have a better mind-body connection in all activities that you do.  

TRX Suspension Training
Pilates Practice at the Studio

Mat Pilates

If doing Pilates only sessions, each 50-minute workout will be customized according to your initial assessment and goals. Otherwise, we can add Pilates exercises into your workouts to provide extra core stability and strengthening, as well as upper and lower body work. We will use a variety of props including rings, fit balls, bands, foam rollers and more to enhance the workouts. 

foam roller childs pose.jpg

Reformer & Apparatus Training

If you have your own Pilates Reformer and other equipment, I am available for private training in your home. I do have access to Pilates studios and a studio rental fee can be added to your session. Prices vary based on studio choice.

Pilates Class
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